Scratch and Win at All Slots

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Play Scratch Cards For Real Money

Scratch cards are really easy to play, both on and off line. They have been around forever, and because scratch cards are so easy to understand, they have always been very popular in all forms of casinos and arcades. What people really tend to like about the scratch card is the immediacy of it - if you've won, you know straight away. In fact, you don't even have to wait for anyone or machine to tell you - as soon as you've finished the scratching, you yourself can tell if you've won! Scratch cards origins are not long and rich (unlike many of the other gambling games).

In fact, scratch cards probably only emerged in some form or another just over 30 years ago in 1974. At that time they weren't known as Scratch cards, but the "instant game," which was produced by the Dittley Brothers Lottery Division. From there, the popular Scratch Card game emerged in all its different forms, until the online scratch card version appeared on the scene. Online scratch cards paved the way for Mobile scratch cards which you can play for fun or real money on your mobile phone!

Online Scratch Cards

Playing online scratch card can be even easier than the off line version because you don't have to do the actual scratching (no fear of getting your nails dirty with the Internet scratch cards!). Players just click the appropriate icon, and the computer does the scratching (it'd be great if there was an Internet back scratcher too!). All the symbols that you see thereafter will immediately inform you if you have won the scratch card game and how much. It is the sense of immediacy - especially given the Internet era in which we live, which is one of the aspects that has made the scratch cards so popular. In addition, not having to sit and strategize for hours on end like one might do with black jack or video poker, is another attractive feature of the game.

How to Play Real Money Scratch Card

Off line scratch cards are easy to play, as are their on line versions (but these don't even require the physical act of scratching). All one has to do to begin the game is click on the Chip Selector to determine the size of your wager (either by increasing or decreasing whatever set amount is in the box). Next choose how many coins you want to bet (using the Up or Down Arrow as required). Choose a new card by clicking the New Card button and then you will see your card on the screen. And now for the exciting part: you get to see if you've won. You want to uncover that which lies behind the virtual silver coating. So simply click on the Show Card icon and the card will be "scratched" for you and the results displayed immediately thereafter. With the really cool online casinos that utilize state of the art software for their games, a 3D image of a coin might be presented. Some of the graphics used in online scratch card today really are quite something.

Thereafter, if you have won, your real money prize will be revealed and added to your account. If you have won, this will be highlighted on your screen via the Payout Schedule. To win, you have to get the same 3 scratch card symbols on the card. The winning amount in terms of cash depends on what symbol appears which is then multiplied by the amount the player bet.

Play Scratch Cards for Real Money

If a player is interested in making some money via the Scratch Cards, this is very much a possibility through the Internet, at the right casinos. It is imperative for one to check the payout schedule at the casino before gambling. After one has made their bet and clicked the appropriate icon on the computer for the card to be "scratched" they will immediately see if they have won. For this they will see symbols like 1X, 5X, or 50X. Three 5X symbols indicates that the player has won 5 times what they bet and three 50X symbols gives the player the jackpot of 50 times their bet. If one bet 4 coins and they get 3 boxes with the 5X symbol then their win is 20 coins (5 multiplied by the 4 coins they bet). These coins of course are transferred in to real money.