Play Keno For Real Money

Keno is a very easy game to play. The only task one has is choose some numbers! It thus reeks of fun and no brain power is required and perhaps that is one of the reasons it is so popular both at land casinos and online casinos where individuals are first and foremost looking for easy excitement. Online Keno is pretty much like the lottery in which a player has at least 1 and as many as 15 numbers, marked on their keno card (which has numbers 1-80).

Keno winners will make real money profits as per their original bet which is based on how many numbers match the ones he or she marked on their keno ticket. What players should bear in mind however with keno is that in general, the house edge is larger than for a lot of other casino gambling games. But this is the tradeoff - the less thinking involved, the more risk involved. But there again, the more fun that can be had and ultimately the more money there is to be made too. in addition, one should be very careful before they freak out about the house edge in keno because at many of the online Keno sites, the house edge is much lower than a lot of land based casinos, so do your homework carefully.

Online Keno

The advantage of online Keno is the time and money saved and the convenience. As well, since today many online casinos use only top, state of the art software for their games, the graphics and sounds make one really feel as if they are in a real casino anyway! One of the biggest advantages about playing online Keno is that the house edge is generally lower, usually about 50% lower. So in terms of profits, that is a definite plus to choosing the Internet version of the game to play. Another advantage of online Keno over its land based counterpart is the online Keno variations available. It seems that there are way more options for online Keno than there are for casino Keno. And the more variety, the more one is exposed to different ways of playing the game, which will only increase their skill set in the game too.

How to Play Online Keno

As stated above, one gets to choose up to 15 numbers from an availability of 80. The more keno numbers one chooses, the lower their payout will be if one of the numbers comes up. Players get a keno card, they mark off the number/s they think will come up on the board and then wait to see if their number has come up. At a land casino, these will be screened on a big board and with the top online Keno Casinos, graphics and sounds will be used to create the same affect, so that one feels like they are waiting for those numbers to emerge on the big board too. Players can then mark their numbers (that they see on the board) with a marker (off line) or via the mouse (on line) and once all the numbers have come up, they take their card and go claim their prize. And that's basically the game!

Play Real Money Keno

One should play the fun mode of online Keno before going for the real money mode. This is just to get the feel of how the game works on line (as opposed to its off line counterpart) as it will feel slightly different initially and everyone reacts differently to change. The types of bets one should place depend on how much time they want to be spending playing online Keno. For example, the longer they want to play, the less they should spend on bets. But if one is interested in going for larger keno payouts, they have to make larger bets. As well, the largest online Keno jackpots are usually only accessible to the players who bet the maximum 15 spots.

Keno strategies for winning the game have been developed and it could be said that it is wiser to make some bets than others due to the change in keno odds and payouts. So it might be more profitable to make a bet on 3 rather than 4 numbers, but it is worth reading about this further if one wants to develop a monetary winning strategy in online Keno. Nonetheless, one must always remember that online Keno is a gambling game and thus is very much about luck, so the game should be played first and foremost for pleasure and, as a secondary consideration, for some profits too! Given this, checking out the payout tables, bonuses and jackpots at a bunch of different online Keno sites is well advised.