New iPhone Slots at iPhone Casino

iPhone Slots are available as a new application for the iPhone casino. This is a brand new application which can be used on the iPhone and allows you to play slots for real money while enjoying all the benefits of the iPhone and its touch screen. Everything is literally at your fingertips when you play iPhone Slots and you can even turn the screen around to play horizontally or vertically depending on which view you prefer.

The Best iPhone Slots

To date there are only a handful of slots games that have been adapted for the iPhone but these are definitely the best pick of the slots. They are all Microgaming slots and have been adapted for the iPhone Casino and let you play slots for real money at the mobile casino. Placing bets is simple and you may even be in awe at the way your fingertips can transfer real money for the real money slots games at the iPhone Casino.

Perfect Adaptations for iPhone Casino

Tomb Raider has long been one of the top slots at Microgaming casinos and was the natural contender to be the first to be adapted for iPhone use. Following it was a progressive bonanza, Mega Moolah and then you can also find slots games like Mermaids Millions and Major Millions. All of these games have been adapted for the iPhone casino and apart from the size of the screen you won't see any difference. One of the beauties of playing iPhone Slots is that it is totally instant and you don't need to wait for anything to download.

Easy and Instant Access at iPhone Casino

Access to the iPhone casino to play iPhone Slots can be via a wireless network or through your 3G service. Either way, it is easy to use and instant and there is no downloading necessary. With the touch screen controls and the speed with which the iPhone Casino works, you can be winning Mega Moolahs millions in minutes. You don't have to sit at a computer and you don't have to link to electricity although you could even play in the car, it is not recommended in case you have an accident. The main point is of course the versatility of iPhone Slots and the iPhone casino which lets you play slots for real money anywhere and anyplace.